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Clark Technology is a Cleveland, OH-based Technology firm that is rooted in one belief: Technology should simplify business operations, not complicate them. Started by day-to-day business operators who scaled their operations on the back of a smart, yet simplistic technology approach, Clark is the perfect technology partner for businesses looking for greater efficiency, time-management, and growth.

Custom Development Solutions

Every business has highly unique needs and opportunities for growth. With custom-developed technology solutions, Clark can provide businesses with access to specific technology tools that address their exact needs. From web-based applications, data pipelining, database creation and management, Clark has you covered.

When a business identifies an opportunity for growth that can only be addressed with a custom technology solution, our development team will create a product that matches that exact need. Be it a client portal, a scheduled data pipeline that sends payroll data to your accounting software, a tool for analyzing your customer data, or anything else, Clark thrives on building highly specific, ROI-focused solutions.

Any business that deals with repetitive data handling processes. This can be data formatting, complicated formulas, import file creation, data set analysis and comparison.

Salesforce Customization

With Salesforce, your data becomes instantly actionable and interactive, allowing for workflow automation, reduction in manual labor, and increased efficiency.

Any business that deals with repetitive data handling processes. This can be data formatting, complicated formulas, import file creation, data set analysis and comparison.

A client was struggling with hiring employees across their organization. They had plenty of applicant flow, but ensuring that applicants were addressed quickly and efficiently was an issue. To address this, we built a custom solution where every new applicant was brought directly into Salesforce. In Salesforce, every applicant could be called and texted directly from the platform, smart lists/ques provided HR with exact tasks that needed to be completed, and automated workflows moved processes along at speeds unseen before. Additionally, with every action being tracked, managers were now able to have complete visibility of productivity, creating a much more motivated HR workforce. With this solution, our client saw their new hires double very shortly after implementation.

Salesforce allows organizations to manage their data and interactions. It provides a suite of tools for sales, marketing, customer service, and analytics, all accessible from a single web-based platform. By centralizing customer data and providing tools to manage customer interactions, Salesforce can help organizations improve customer engagement, increase sales, and streamline their operations. Some benefits of Salesforce include increased productivity, better customer insights, and enhanced collaboration between departments.

Power BI Data Visualization

Power BI dashboards unlock Insights for highly informed decision-making. Expertly-crafted dashboards streamline data visualization, providing clear and concise metrics for quick analysis.

Any business that deals with large datasets such as payroll data, sales data, inventory data or any other large data set. Power BI allows businesses to instantly view high-level metrics in a visually-satisfying way without having to run any manual calculations. This allows businesses to identify trends and make strategic, data-driven decisions on a daily basis.

A client with many employees across multiple states was struggling to keep their overtime costs under control. Because of their size, by the time they identified and addressed problem employees, the issue would arise elsewhere. By bringing their time-clock data to Power BI, we were able to build measurements and data visualizations that automatically identified worrying trends, weeks before they would have been caught in the past. This allowed our client to address overtime issues in real time and achieve sizable returns on their investment.

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows users to connect, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources. It has the ability to handle very large datasets with incredible speed, making it a valuable tool for data-driven decision-making. Additionally, Power BI offers features such as interactive dashboards and collaboration options, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to streamline their data analysis process.

Excel Macros

The quickest and simplest tool for eliminating every tedious and repetitive Excel-related task across your entire business.

Any business that deals with repetitive data handling processes. This can be data formatting, complicated formulas, import file creation, data set analysis and comparison.

Each week, a client needed to create 25 different files to be uploaded to their 401K vendor portal. This entailed downloading large raw data files, adding 20+ complicated formulas columns, reformatting the columns, and saving the files in the correct folder. Our team of developers wrote a solution that with the click of one button, every formula column was instantly created and every column was formatted as needed. Once done, the macro automatically created and saved each of the 25 files in the correct folders with the perfect naming convention. All the payroll team needed to do was upload the files and their jobs were done. At a minimum, this saved our client 40 hours a month of valuable employee time.

Excel macros allow for the automation of repetitive tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency. They reduce the risk of errors and improve data accuracy by eliminating the need for manual data entry. Macros can also provide customized solutions for complex problems, enabling users to perform more advanced calculations and analyses with ease.

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